About Us

lg nutritionfacts About UsHISTORY:
Lara Graphics & Consulting was originally formed back in April 2002 as Jed Designs, soley as a graphic design company, mostly designing cd’s. Since then, we have expanded to all areas of marketing and design in both print & web medias. Since 2006 we have tripled in our line of work & services. In early 2007 we launched our subsidiary Lara Photography, a Full Service Photography company.

In 2009 we reorganized as a company, Lara Visuals, Inc. was created as a Parent company and Lara Graphics, Lara Photography, and the newly formed Lara Films were placed as divisons under Lara Visuals, Inc.


Our team has over 9 years of various business, graphical, & experience. Dedication to clean & modern design, separates us from many other competing small companies. Our hopes are to make a significant contribution in the graphic design world.


We as a company are straightforward and honest business people. We are dedicated to creating products and providing services using the best in graphics techinques & using only the best in softwares in an efficient and timely manner. We strive to build relationships with our clients. We do this by giving them quality products & service. Our mission is to provide small and mid-sized companies and organizations the opportunity to establish and promote their respective businesses and interests. We pride ourselves in maintaining a quality of excellence in our work and provide clients with a top of the line service. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest design firm, but to provide clients with work that rivals that of bigger design firms.